Christmas Day Reflection : “It’s about God, Families and Friends.”

It is my prayer that many of you will be spending some great time with your respective close families and friends. In all the upcoming festive gatherings, make sure you don’t forget the grandparents who started you all! They are very much a part of each family unit that came to be. They’d be thrilled with even just a call from their kids and of course, from their loveable, innocent and amazing grandchildren.

In this challenging time of the pandemic, togetherness can be expressed in many ways. To those belonging in the same household, it’s your chance to savor the closeness that many can’t enjoy and few can boast of.

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How to Visualize Risk Probability

Probability is a measure of uncertainty of risk consequence. If the impact is zero, then the logical consideration is gone. There is no risk because it will not happen.

If the probability is above zero, then the consequence might happen—the greater the possibility, the greater the chance of the subject consequence from happening.

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Remembrance Day Reflection : Acknowledging the courage and sacrifice of our heroes

The awesome pride and inspiration our heroes brought to the present generation strengthens the resolve of all freedom-loving people of the world. Nations owe them this day of remembrance. We must reflect on their sacrifices in their fight to preserve liberty and justice for all. We are all fortunate recipients of their ultimate gift, freedom. God bless their souls!

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Schedule Quantitative Risk Analysis (Traditional Method)

Schedule quantitative risk analysis (SQRA) is a process of calculating the overall probability or chance of completing a project on time and on budget. Quantification uses various approaches and methods. Duration ranging is the most popular one, and often referred to as the “traditional method” of schedule risk analysis. It is simple and easy to understand.

New and upcoming project managers, leaders, planners and schedulers would love to wrap their heads around this special risk-based knowledge area and will enjoy reading this book.

I want the readers to confidently embark on schedule quantitative risk analysis without apprehension, with the absence of doubt and anxiety because it is done properly.

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PM Solution Pro talks about Seavus ScheduleReader

Whether you are working on a small project or a massive billion-worth project, it is important to have project management software that allows team collaboration to complete the project within the planned budget and time. Everyone in the team should be up-to-date with the recent changes of the project plan.

Updating Progress Using ScheduleReader
Usually companies have weekly status reports where the project manager is in the middle of the project information flow. In fact, they receive the updates from the team members, making sure that the project milestones will be finished on time, and then creates updates to the project plan in order to pass the information to the others involved in the project. However, if you want everything to go smoothly in the company workflow, as well as to encourage team productivity and efficiency, you will need a tool that follows the concept of simplicity, and yet owning powerful functionalities to keep activities on track.

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The Story of Two Bulls (Plan and Impulse)

A colleague in the oil and gas industry was trying to be funny that day and was delivering another one of his patented jokes. I do not usually take notice because I find myself always busy with work but the story resonated differently so I came closer, and to his surprise, I started taking notes. This bull story somehow relates to business strategy and acumen. I want to remember it and now I am sharing it to you.

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Risk Relativity

For a thief, a good security system is a threat. To a security guard, that same system is an opportunity to lessen the risk of robbery and to increase the chance of catching the thieves.

A person’s perspective depends on which side of the fence they are sitting on. With that in mind, a risk can be a threat or an opportunity. It is relative from a point of view. Your business sees a threat and your competitor sees an opportunity. It is as simple as that.

Each individual player within the risk universe will see things a bit differently compared to the next person, with some people interpreting things in exactly the opposite fashion. In each case, the person can see only one set of attributes.

Anyone who contemplate risk should consider that threats also bring with it opportunities and opportunities can also brings threats.

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PM Solution Pro, on the right path as a Seavus and Deltek Partner!

PM SOLUTION PRO is excited to announce its recent strategic partnership with SEAVUS, a world-class software development and consulting company with 15 offices supporting 4,000 clients in eight (8) countries. The partnership is designed to further expand the footprint of the Seavus’ Schedule Reader/Schedule Cleaner toolset and to increase the value of the project and business services we provide to our clients.

Our business alliance creates an opportunity of adding “Schedule Reader and Schedule Cleaner” software solution to PM solution Pro’s consulting, technical and learning portfolios.

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Managing Black Swans?

Unknown unknowns (black swans) might be in the room, for all we know, but we just cannot see them until circumstances make them visible. Once we see that the risk exists, we would surmise that it no longer qualifies as a black swan event, because we are now aware of the risk, and the element of surprise is no longer there. It is now the normal type of risk that many risk managers are already familiar with, the known unknowns.

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