How to Estimate a Steam Power Plant Annual Operating Budget-Simple Approach

Suppose there is a choice between two production methods; the usual favored approach would be the one with the lowest total cost. However, it is not always the best choice. Therefore, presenting a straightforward approach to calculating the unit cost is essential. We can use it to facilitate the selection of the best alternatives with an optimized economic return. This book introduces the method of obtaining the material (or process) unit cost of a Steam Power Plant to calculate its annual operating budget and touches on the reliable estimation of operation, maintenance, and project works. I have designed each section to walk the new cost specialist or plant engineer every step of the way, leading to complete understanding.

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Learn Risk Management Fundamentals in the book, Risk what are you? The Risk Manager’s Poem

This book is for management professionals, future professionals, and children of reading age, twelve and up! Today, we are proud and happy to publish an original 18-stanza rhyme poem in a fully illustrated book for future and present risk managers.

The pleasing element of a rhyming poem brings joy and knowledge to many. It is inspirational to hear words that rhyme, uplifting our being by imparting meaning using the song-like attributes of the verses. The command of a poem makes one remember, absorb and learn more.

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