How about understanding your Project’s Schedule Critical Path better?

I have encountered many self-proclaimed planning/scheduling experts in the construction industry. The concern is when the discussion revolves around the critical path fundamentals; more than half cannot explain its essence. They need to have that picture-perfect impression of what it really is.

Does this mean that the term critical path is but a salesperson’s word?

How can we trust a project manager, a project specialist, or a scheduling expert who does not know one of the most important aspects of scheduling and good project management?

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Why conduct an Integrated Schedule Analysis? Do your projects need one?

Integrated assessment of a schedule is a must! Good integration is impossible amidst poor quality information. Achieving the desired level of execution quality at an early stage is next to impossible unless it is an exact replica of a previous project, a cookie-cutter project. This writeup will help you appreciate the importance of schedule integration through out the project’s phases. Understanding that proper integration is one of schedule’s best quality attributes. Implementing the practice will surely lead to better project results. Reflect on your own professional experience about plan and schedule integration and you’ll realize quickly that integration is needed for all project management elements to communicate properly and prevent the project from falling apart.

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The Three Blind Managers and the Elephant

The range of understanding runs a distance between true and false but never in absolute terms. In effect, what each one of us experiences might be a subjective truth and not an objective reality. The scenario creates limitations to the accuracy of one’s decision. Read more to find out what this is about.

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Why Poor Planning and Scheduling can impact your Personal Safety

Everyone knows that speed kills, and seeing someone traveling above the limit makes us question how any intelligent person can commit such a reckless act. Yet, it is the number one way to cause or get into a car accident.

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Introducing PMSP’s Power BI/Primavera Integration Specialist & Lead Scheduling Advisor, Federico Pasana

Federico is one of PM Solution Pro’s highly skilled resources in project controls, change management, planning, scheduling, and EVM/Power BI…

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How to best understand Project Data Maturity, Integration, and Risk

Data maturity and reliability are at their lowest when assumptions (fill-in information) and constraints peak. The rule of thumb to follow: Projects should not be sanctioned when the unknowns far exceed the knowns.

Data maturity is a project attribute project managers have to deal with in some intelligent way. They seek to formulate a way to address missing and incomplete information and strike a balance. Integrating a project with missing or insufficient work scopes is not ideal. Filling in an information space with assumed fill-in data is a risky trade-off.

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How to Create a Good Quality P50 Risk-based Baseline Schedule

Any project is capable of generating a believable risk-based schedule baseline. Project confidence is higher when the team knows the target schedule is achievable. It is also cheaper and more economical. Quantification assesses the overall schedule risk of a project. The schedule baseline becomes risk-based because risk probability and consequence are measured. I espouse using a P50 Risk-based baseline as the middle-ground. However, other synchronized schedule baselines such as P40, P60, or higher are also possible.

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Black Swan is a Remarkable Risk Management Concept

Unknown unknowns (black swans) might be in the room, or even an elephant, for all we know, but we cannot see them until circumstances make them visible. Once we see that the risk exists, we surmise that it no longer qualifies as a black swan event because we are now aware of the risk, and the element of surprise is no longer there. It is now the typical type of risk that you and many risk managers are already familiar with, the known unknowns.

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Who can provide remote Schedule Management and Quality Assessment?

PM Solution Pro offers remote support in Schedule Management, Quality Assessments, Reviews, and Audits. We have successfully used P6 Professional and Deltek Acumen Fuse toolsets in supporting various clients and project organizations. Our team can guide your project organization in the development of your very own standard in-house Schedule Quality Metrics, making it possible to assess an entire project portfolio in a fraction of the time compared to manual means.

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