PM Solution Pro “ZERO P6 Course” is doing great!

ZERO P6 is a five-hour training course on planning, scheduling, and schedule management using Oracle Primavera P6 Professional Version 18 intended to create & develop student’s skills from scratch. This elementary course leads to the next course BASIC P6.

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New book : “Schedule Quantitative Risk Analysis (Traditional Method)”

The kindle and paperback edition of the book “Schedule Quantitative Risk Analysis (Traditional Method)” was officially approved and published. It…

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Announcing my fourth book : “Schedule Quantitative Risk Analysis (Traditional Method)”

New and upcoming project managers, leaders, planners and schedulers would love to wrap their heads around this special risk-based knowledge area and will enjoy reading this book. The skills needed to perform SQRA has eluded many even as they try to learn how to effectively utilize the tool. Relying on bits and pieces of information without understanding the quantitative process is a major sticking point. It is my intention to address them, giving the readers, full understanding of the subject.

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ZERO P6 – F11 Course offered by PM Solution Pro lets you learn Primavera P6 Professional the sure and easy way!

If you are good in one field but weak in another, skilled in one but lacking in the next, or you don’t have the know-how at all and would love to learn something new, then it is time to act!

A cost specialist with no scheduling tool background appreciates the necessity to fill the knowledge gap. The project manager who struggled understanding how Primavera scheduling tool works will have to agree. Someone who wants to start a new career in Project management with zero knowledge in the tool will greatly benefit in this special approach to education.

Visit PM Solution Pro for more details about ZERO P6 now!


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  Creative and Effective COREL Business Tools at cheaper and discounted prices this Cyber Monday! … and Black Friday sales…

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