The Risk Management Poem: Children’s Book for All Professionals

Today, we are proud and happy to publish an original 18-stanza rhyme poem of (8-6-8-6 metric) in a fully illustrated 8.5″ x 8.5″ children book for future and present risk managers. The “Risk Management Poem” highlights the importance of correlating risks and objectives in every turn through verses. Failing to recognize the links between the two means a greater potential for missing final goal.

It is inspirational to hear words that rhyme, uplifting our being when a line and a stanza impart a meaning using the song-like attributes of articulated statements. The command of a poem makes one remember, making him/her absorb and learn more. University students were able to recall difficult formulas in higher mathematics in the past by reciting them in a song-like fashion. It is real and it does work.

Also available in paperback and e-book Kindle Edition at Amazon.com. Book price is in US dollar.

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