Website security: What to do if your Website Form reCaptcha is not showing?

One of the company websites I managed was gravely impacted by bots attack recently. The first indicator was some noticeable changes to the websites standard/original formatting. This creates unsightly pages, poor font placements and bad colour combinations.

Another adverse impact of the bots after gaining access was to target files, preventing seamless updates. It was difficult to detect because the site seems to continue working. Some pages looked like they’re not affected but only because it was showing static page from the cache.

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Is LinkedIn Premium necessary?

LinkedIn Premium plans aren’t cheap. This is why I took the most affordable one that fits my immediate professional objectives.

Although I have always felt that I’m paying more than it was worth, I’ve used it for about two years. With the economic downturn that COVID-19 has brought to the fore, work and profitability have become more uncertain. I’m not so sure anymore. It looked pricier than before. It has become less attractive, a good candidate to cutting corners. After all, three hundred sixty dollars a year can be used for something else. It will be like stopping subscription to certain applications and plugins that’s used only once in a while. It’s a form of housekeeping. What do you think?

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