PM Solution Pro participated in Seminar, “Data Journey to the Cloud: Challenges and Solutions”

PM Solution Pro participated in the Calgary Seminar hosted by SimplicityBI titled “Data Journey to the Cloud: Challenges and Solutions. Implementing Your Agile Data Architecture In The Cloud.” We listened to vendor’s subject matter experts speakers from Snowflake, WhereScape, Seven Generations Energy, Striim, Denodo and a current client from Vancouver International Airport.

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Maris Gomez, One of PM Solution Pro Planning and Scheduling Consultants

One of PM Solution Pro’s remarkable resource Planning and Scheduling Consultants is Maris Gomez. She’s been with project controls for more than fifteen years. She describes herself as ambitious, dedicated, collaborative , strategic, and tactical.

She has represented both owner’s and contractor through the years. Maris is multilingual, able to communicate in English, Spanish and Italian. She is friendly and ready to professionally engage anytime!

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Tips to Effective Project Schedule Updates Part 3

Client feedbacks must be clear, with enough details yet to the point. This gives contractor their fair chance. The client expect the same from
the contractor. All feedbacks must have a tracking mechanism in place. Every schedule must have a benchmarked minimum schedule quality so it remains reliable.

Losing the quality essence of the schedule means the increased possibility of losing stakeholder’s confidence. The project has to avoid such situation from ever happening.

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Tips to Effective Project Schedule Updates Part 2

The client company, through its representative, must review and give feedbacks to the contractor after receiving the schedule update/report. It is not only an expected feedback and input mechanism but also a responsibility.

Return inputs (feedbacks) must be in a timely, coordinated, and agreed-to manner so nothing goes between the cracks. All inputs and feedbacks shall be in writing via e-mail or handwritten correspondences.

Address the comments from the client in a formal construction meeting or documented informally, prior to such meeting. Engaging face to face is preferred to a teleconference call or remote engagement whenever possible.

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Tips to Effective Project Schedule Updates Part 1

There are numerous approaches to schedule updating but often times, the project still grapple with what to do when it comes time. Updating a schedule must adopt a clear and approved guideline or procedure reflecting the best practice and fit-for-purpose approach.

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