January 13, 2013
Rufran consistently exceeded results expected in his job by taking on an incredibly high and notable task list and championing each effort with thoroughness and the end goal of improving the effectiveness and efficiency of the Governance team.
Rufran was also a highly engaged member who provided mentorship, encouragement and  specific SME advice/recommendations and help to all customers and stakeholders.
Rufran's efforts directly impacted the overall success of our team. When he was away from the office, his absence left a noticeable gap in the team - both in completions of deliverables and team spirit. For these reasons, I highly recommend Rufran.
Kathryn Petrisor-Project Services Manager (Linkedin, 2013)

October 9, 2015
Rufran is very detail oriented, positive in his analysis, and he provided good scheduling analysis on activities for determining schedule risk for our team.
He is passionate for driving results, and his passion for analysis was valuable to our team for measuring risk.
John Gerlywich-Project Manager (Linkedin, 2015)

April 1, 2012
I worked with Rufran on schedule risk quantification work on various projects ranging in size up to $1B. He was a great resource in helping me work in Primavera and PertMaster to ensure schedules are done properly to allow schedule analysis.
I have gone back to Rufran on a number of occasions, and will do in the future, to get his opinion on schedules and related analysis work as I value his input and ideas.

David Brady-President, DBrady Risk Associates (Linkedin, 2012)

October 10, 2011
I have been in Planning and Scheduling for more than 20 years and have found Rufran to be one of the most knowledgeable individuals that I have ever met.
He not only provided excellent support of my immediate needs in Primavera but, we have also had very deep discussions in functionality of the program (thinking of the next level), planning/ scheduling philosophy, standards and ways to increase the knowledge base of users and customers in our industry.
Frankly, he has my deepest respect and wish that we still had the opportunities to work together because I still need to be challenged and our discussions not only benefit us but, also the people we share our experiences with.
In summary, Rufran is passionate about what he is doing. He will dig deep to resolve issues, pushes to set standards, share his knowledge, open minded enough to seek the most efficient/ effective way to get a job done and most of all, will jump right in when needed.

Rick Weller-Lead Planning Specialist (Linkedin, 2011)

October 10, 2011
I hold Rufran in exceptionally high esteem, and greatly appreciate his investment in my professional development through my career. His extensive knowledge of Primavera as a tool, and its management and implementation best practices is an invaluable asset, and his advanced experience in offering insightful risk-based management and analysis of high profile projects is second-to-none.
Rob Brown-RFO Planner/Scheduler (Linkedin, 2011)

October 3, 2017
I have known Rufran for 16 years now. We worked together at Fort McMurray for the Syncrude UE-1 mega project from 2001 to 2003. He was the Sr. Planner/ Scheduler for the Coker Unit while I handle the Gasifier unit.
Rufran was responsible for planning, scheduling, progress tracking, updating, & reporting to the Area Manager all scope pertaining to his assigned area. He is very experienced, competent, skillful, dependable, and a team player. He is intelligent and knowledgeable not only in Planning/Scheduling but also on the entire aspects of Project Controls be it cost control, estimate, and risk management.
Rufran is an excellent addition to any company that requires his services, be it an owner/client or an EPC company. Rufran is very helpful to his colleagues. Since then until present, I always seek Rufran's advise on Project Management/Project Controls strategies on the projects I'm handling.
Rodrigo Solis-Project Control Specialist (Linkedin, 2017)

October 2, 2015
Rufran is extremely valueable and knowledgeable in Planning and Scheduling applications (such as Acumen Fuse and Primavera), project risk assessment and management, and industry experience.
He is very keen on mentoring project controls professional with his knowledge and experience and has strong leadership in organizing and managing Suncor Major Projects planner and schedulers. He is definitely a great asset to any organizations.
Jennifer Zhao-Senior Planner (Linkedin, 2015)

October 21, 2013
Rufran is exceptional at his role as Sr. Project Controls Specialist. He always takes the lead on issue resolution and drives each issue to closure. On several different occasions Rufran has facilitated knowledge transfer sessions with cross function groups, identified opportunities to improve application licensing renewal issues, and successfully informed/educated the business on application/server changes.
He is the voice of the business! He has the technical knowledge and the hands-on business experience to effectively express ideas, information, and risks, to different audiences. He is always willing to answer my questions. He has been a real asset in helping me learn the Suncor Project Controls business model, polices, practices, and software applications.
His technical/functional skills are outstanding. I’ve witnessed and experienced his ability to build positive working relationships, and effectively influence and motivate co-workers, and he is continuously seeking opportunities to improve current processes and/or software functionality.
Monica Henry-IT Business Advisor (Linkedin, 2013)

January 21, 2013
Rufran provides exceptional guidance in Project Management concepts, Gate Reviews, Project Controls business standards, procedures, practices and guidelines, Primavera and Schedule Risk Analysis while demonstrating good listening skills to interpret and understand the desired needs of his clients/colleagues.
His attention to detail supported by his level of knowledge is demonstrated in the quality of his work. Also, through his competency in related theory and transactional application of these business processes, he is able to respond to short-notice type support requests in a timely manner. Having an expert knowledge across many project controls elements (Project Management, Planning and Scheduling, Cost) facilitates Rufran’s flexibility to multi-task effectively. Rufran's humor and willingness to discuss and mentor has placed him as a trusted colleague of mine.
Randall Daniels-Sr. PC Specialist/Planner & Scheduler (Linkedin, 2013)

October 13, 2017
Rufran is one of few well-versed, well-rounded project management professional and mentor that I’ve known and worked with for more than 6 years.
During the development, gate process and risk analysis of the integrated EPC schedule that we succesfuly completed recently, Rufran’s expertise, guidance and valuable input lead us to a well-developed high quality schedule that were used as an effective tools to run and manage the project.
Sharing and exploring industry methodologies and techniques becomes more effective due to his collaborative approach and regular interaction.
Allan Chua-Senior PC Specialist (Linkedin, 2017)

October 30, 2013
I met Rufran when I started my tenure at Suncor. I was appointed as the Team Planning Lead for U&O Area, later on as the Senior Planner for OSBL and ultimately as Senior Planner for MAC,MEC & MTC on Fort Hills Project.
During all this time Rufran has dictated various Planning & Scheduling training courses, provided support with Acumen Fuse requests for auditing schedules, coaching on Oracle Risk issues and Primavera as well.
Rufran has demonstrated Leadership and Communication values, required skillset knowledge, and coaching, competency, and professionalism in all aspects of his role.
Excellent individual to work with. He was personable, professional, and had an excellent work ethic. He set goals, and worked to achieve them.
Jose Gonzalez Sardi-Planning Team Lead (Linkedin, 2013)


May 31, 2011
It gives me immense pleasure to write about Rufran. He has one of th core issues and attends to it in a timely manner. He has a great attitude; lots of patience and a very high level of self-organization make him an ideal person to have on any team.
We had many crunch situations at Suncor with very tight timelines and Rufran always guided us through the situations and helped us become a great team together. Our TRO team is still using his valuable suggestions and recommendations for Gate reviews and other implementation audits.
Lastly, I especially commend Rufran's ability to lead various planning teams in Suncor during implementation phases and his amazing ability to keep his cool doing it. Rufran can be counted on as an asset to any management team.
Rajesh Kandanala-Project Controls Lead (Linkedin, 2011)

October 3, 2017
I am endorsing Rufran to any companies, organization, institution and or any professional affiliation. Rufran and I worked together as a team in Suncor Energy. He has a ton of experiences in project management and risk management.
He was very professional, committed, and has excellent work ethics. He was a good mentor. His commitment, dedication, skills and knowledge was very admirable. I take pride in recommending Rufran.
Julius Macadat-Senior Specialist, Progress and Performance (Linkedin, 2017)

August 18, 2016
I was experiencing a loss of specific activity codes when backing up a schedule. I had tried to best challenge myself by searching the online resources and when nothing else worked I called Rufran. He was able to quickly identify the issue (an activity code setting) and I was back up and running. He then sent a link to an article on the exact issue for further understanding.
Within Primavera there different activity types that I have worked to understand fully, however, WBS Summary Activities have been very challenging for me to comprehend. Rufran took the time to breakdown the activity type in a way that removed the barriers and allowed me to understand the benefits and limitations.
My assessment of Rufrans work is very positive. He completes the deliverables and educates and enables those around him while doing so.
While working on the Level 2+ schedule for Major Projects Rufran gathered the proper stake holders, ensured the deliverables were thought through and clearly documented, and gathered the proper resources to develop the schedule with accurate and inclusive information. Rufran continued to steer the conversation and efforts to the end product. He completed the deliverables and turned it over to an informed client within the timeline allotted.
I am grateful to be able to work with Rufran as he is not only very knowledgeable but driven to improve the process and people around him.
Dan Palmer-Experienced Multi-Discipline Coordinator (Linkedin, 2016)

November 21, 2013
I found Rufran very professional and well organized. He led a number of projects for Central Team in a timely manner, for example migrating Primavera Database from multiple databases to one Portfolio database was a an extremely challenging job. We needed to coordinate among all the planners from four different areas.
He also ensured that on specific dates a clean database is available for us so that we could migrate the projects there first and do the cleanup and then import those schedules into Portfolio database. Providing access to all the planners to Portfolio database and ensuring that everyone is on the same page he was keeping everyone in the loop.
For the benefit of the group Rufran has created a very nicely written scope of work for this entire project and also listed all the steps by dates so that all the stakeholders were aware of the step they needed to take to achieve this important task. He also kept Emerald Associates involved throughout this period and ensured that the transfer of data is troubled free. With all the help provided by Rufran we were able to complete the migration of data ahead of schedule.
Throughout my interaction with him, he demonstrated multiple capabilities, some of the capabilities he exhibited are : analysis skills, effective communication, result focus, building relationship, and collaborative approach.
Azhar Syed, MBA, P. Eng.,PMP-Progress & Planning Specialist (Linkedin, 2013)

July 21, 2013
I have known Rufran for several years. We have collaborated and worked together in several Suncor mega-Projects and some Sustaining projects. One of his role is Major Projects Module Program Planning Coordinator where he successfully integrated all MPG portfolios, leading & coordinating all MPPP Leads in updating and reporting their plan & schedule information.
He is an exceptional Project Management professional with excellent knowledge and skills in Project Controls and Risk Management.
A recognized leader in Planning and Scheduling with a strong Cost Engineering background, Rufran believes in mentoring and continuous learning. He is valuable team player in both Project Controls Governance-Major Projects and Suncor, in general. I will definitely recommend Rufran any time.
Maris Gomez-Planner/Scheduler (Linkedin, 2013)

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