The tool training course we call Zero P6 is especially designed for students who have zero knowledge of Oracle Primavera scheduling tool.

We provide students with personal practical training. Students will learn how to use the tool based on what he wants to learn, a unique PM Solution Pro concept we call "student-led learning."

ZERO P6 is a five-hour training course on planning, scheduling, and schedule management using Oracle Primavera P6 intended to create and develop student's skills from scratch. This elementary course leads to the next course BASIC P6.

Learning Outcomes

  • Setting student’s learning objectives
  • Navigation from scratch and P6 file management
  • Fundamental P6 settings and how to use the help menu
  • Creating an enterprise project structure (EPS) and what it is about
  • Creating a project
  • Creating Work Breakdown Structure and why?
  • Creating activities with essential attributes
  • Understanding schedule logic
  • Creating activity relationships
  • P6 schedule calculation or F9 and critical path identification
  • Creating a baseline and comparing current activities to baseline
  • Practical exercises to hone the student's skills and understanding

Cost per student according to Course Code

ZERO P6-F11   = US$750.00 + taxes where applicable (per student)

Available to residents of Calgary, Alberta, Canada only

Note: Training registration is temporarily suspended due to COVID-19.

ZERO P6-W11 = US$600.00 + taxes where applicable (per student)

Available to all, globally.

Training Duration of above courses
Five (5) hours (continuous)


How to book

Schedule a 30 minutes phone call and we will check available dates and times to set up your ZERO P6 booking with one of our consultants.

Payment terms:

Payment in full prior to training event. All prices in US$.

Course Code:

ZERO P6-F11 In-person, one-on-one engagement

Note: Training registration is presently suspended due to COVID-19.

Available to students residing in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, or anyone who can travel to Calgary, Alberta for the course at own expense.

ZERO P6-W11 Personalized, Online, remote engagement via live Webinar

Maximum of two students per session for closer engagement.
Available to all, globally.

Call now, save money, and learn effectively fast

Don't be left behind. Learn at your own pace and at your leisure. You can now help design the learning process and improve the result.

ZERO P6 ensures that you are not just trying to catch up with the teacher's lesson and learn nothing at the end. This one is for you. We understand that the students need is the real key to effective teaching.