Project Consulting and Advisory

PM Solution Pro have expertise to help you in several of your critical company undertakings. Our risk-based consulting service offers the following: 1) Project Planning, 2) Develop Schedules, 3) Schedule Risk Analysis (Schedule Contingency Estimation), 4) Cold Eyes Review, 5) Gate Reviews, 6) Implementation Audit, 7) Governance Audit, 8) Interactive Planning Facilitation, 9) Schedule Quality Assessment, 10) Primavera (P6) Administration, 11) Business Case Development, 12) Training Module Development.

We are always here to serve you

PM Solution Pro understand that each client requires some type of fit-for-purpose solution, a different approach tailored to achieve the objectives. We are here to help you successfully meet your goals. Buy our products, get in touch, send your query, or get a quote.

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