Plan to Schedule, Schedule to Plan

ISBN-13 978-1975790677 (Create Space)
ISBN-10 1975790677 (Create Space)
ISBN 978-0-9947608-2-1 (Canada)

The husband and wife syllogism of planning and scheduling is a good analogy. It was an ideal and fundamental point of view of interdependence. Planning and scheduling are from a single fabric. They are very much connected. We plan to schedule, we schedule to plan. Nobody could deny or ignore this deep-rooted relationship. It is difficult not to frown when anyone say, “Focus on planning. Forget about scheduling! All you need is to be a good planner.” Just imagine planning something without a schedule to execute. Is it not an exercise in futility? Attaining an objective becomes improbable if not impossible. Read this book, find out, and decide for yourself.

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