Learn Risk Management Fundamentals in the book, Risk what are you? The Risk Manager’s Poem

This book is for management professionals, future professionals, and children of reading age, twelve and up! Today, we are proud and happy to publish an original 18-stanza rhyme poem in a fully illustrated book for future and present risk managers.

The pleasing element of a rhyming poem brings joy and knowledge to many. It is inspirational to hear words that rhyme, uplifting our being by imparting meaning using the song-like attributes of the verses. The command of a poem makes one remember, absorb and learn more. ‘

The purpose of life is to manage risk. People administer to their beliefs, religion, relationships, and personal goals by managing risks. We want to teach our young people to risk principles in their formative years because it is in front of us and the fabric of our daily lives.

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Introducing the book, Risk what are you? Children’s book professionals.Second Edition

Each page has a brief story told beautifully with rhyme, seriousness, and humor. It is a read-aloud book for parents and caters to children. It contains wise life lessons and advice. Adults will be delighted with the message and subtle literary references. However, the full benefits for children are best absorbed with the proper guidance of an adult.

The author has always wanted to teach children risk management principles, so they start learning management philosophy early.

The Risk Management Poem highlights the importance of correlating risks and objectives at every turn.

So grab a copy, read on, digest the know-how and enjoy the rhymes!

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About the Author

Rufran C. Frago is the Founder of PM Solution Pro, a Calgary consultingproduct, and training services firm focusing on project and business management solutions. He is passionate about providing advice, mentorship, education and training through consultation, collaboration, and what he uniquely calls, student-led training.

Our website: www.pmsolutionpro.com


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