Questions About Project Cost Reconciliation

Some cost management professionals said it’s a waste of time chasing, say, USD0.25, spending hours to reconcile. The cost of the effort involved translates to maybe more than tens of thousand times the amount being reconciled.

My question to you all. 1) Do you think that this reconciliation exercise down to the cents value is really needed and why? 2) Is there a better approach?… a faster way of reconciliation? Rufran hashtag#pmsolutionpro hashtag#rufranfrago hashtag#projectmanagement Picture credit: blog, 2019.

Read more and express your professional take.

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Pushpendra (Pat) Patel takes on the role of PM Solution Pro Senior Project Controls Advisor

The newest addition to PM Solution Pro’s remarkable pool of consulting resources is Pushpendra Patel. With more than 13 remarkable years of experience on project management and controls, his client will surely be satisfied with the quality and timeliness when it comes to work deliverables. Pat, as he is fondly called by friends and colleagues, is a graduate of BS Civil Engineering with reinforced continuing education in Construction Management. He exudes confidence in his knowledge of project controls as he demonstrates his competence and accomplishments working in complex mega-Projects ranging from $100M-$2Billion.

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Stephen Odusanya takes on the role of PM Solution Pro Project and Construction Engineering Advisor

Stephen Odusanya is one of PM Solution Pro’s highly regarded resource in the field of project engineering and construction coordination. If you or your company requires PM Solution Pro to help manage your project, we are ready to send our best members to you. Who knows? Stephen might just be the one you’re looking for.

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Cost Reduction Strategies for Utilities Part 2: Technology Adoption

In the early 1900’s when electricity was being distributed to the houses. Utilities were considered technology companies because they were laying the foundation of the modern life and there was a strong demand for electricity service to be able to bring light and connect time saving tools and appliances at home with perhaps the same longing eyes as there is today with the latest smart devices. Somewhere along the way utilities lost their cool and instead of being innovators utilities became known as bureaucratic and boring.

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PM Solution Pro participated in Seminar, “Data Journey to the Cloud: Challenges and Solutions”

PM Solution Pro participated in the Calgary Seminar hosted by SimplicityBI titled “Data Journey to the Cloud: Challenges and Solutions. Implementing Your Agile Data Architecture In The Cloud.” We listened to vendor’s subject matter experts speakers from Snowflake, WhereScape, Seven Generations Energy, Striim, Denodo and a current client from Vancouver International Airport.

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Maris Gomez, One of PM Solution Pro Planning and Scheduling Consultants

One of PM Solution Pro’s remarkable resource Planning and Scheduling Consultants is Maris Gomez. She’s been with project controls for more than fifteen years. She describes herself as ambitious, dedicated, collaborative , strategic, and tactical.

She has represented both owner’s and contractor through the years. Maris is multilingual, able to communicate in English, Spanish and Italian. She is friendly and ready to professionally engage anytime!

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PM Solution Pro Business Introduction

We utilize unique best fit-for-purpose tools and approaches to successfully meet key objectives. We help clients manage risks, leveraging on the fact that every decision made is risk-based. To date, we’ve partnered/affiliated with Deltek, ARES/PRISM, Corel, Doodly, and Renderforest. A sister business creative trademark KATHAKO was launched last January 2019.

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