Digital Transformation for Utilities

Digital transformation is all around us, whether it is depositing a cheque by phone, asking Alexa to turn down lights in a room, or smart kitchen devices sending cooking progress via Bluetooth. Using remote sensors and analytics to capture data and discover valuable insights about customers, assets and suppliers has opened a frontier for new innovative services and approaches to doing business.

Broadly placed under the term digitalization, this development gives an organization better visibility into their operations and more control over outcomes, saving much time and effort while reducing human error and improving the overall customer experience and service quality. Is there a business case for digital transformation of utilities that operate vast system of assets and deliver vital services to many customers?

As digital applications become mainstream, it is getting vital for the utilities to have a digital strategy to effectively manage the increasingly complex nature of their networks and services.

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Cost Reduction Strategies for Utilities Part 1: Multi-purpose Use Assets

Utilities are trusted with a responsibility to provide a standard service at a regulator approved rate, without a right to refuse anyone, with expectations for the highest levels of public safety and reliability of service. That makes us conservative by nature, I get it. But that’s no excuse to be complacent, hiding behind the shadow of greater responsibility and walls of regulation, thinking that we have too many constraints to innovate. Hoping that our business model will continue to deliver value for our customers, the shareholders and the stakeholders.

Utilities are at a crossroad today and they need to decide whether they are going to evolve to become more innovative on their own initiative or are they going to be forced by customer pressure through political will and regulators or be taken-over by the non-utility competition.

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